• Amberacea


    Amberacea was a commissioned painting that was recently shipped to the North Shore of Chicago. The collector was adamant at having this composition recreated for his living room. The original composition sits in my parent's home as one of my first oil paintings created 14 years ago. What an amazing gift to have re-created this piece all these years later and to see just how far I have matured as an artist.

    In 2009 when I graduated with my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Renzo Piano the architect was our keynote speaker. At that time he encouraged us to not view our creative career day by day but instead passionately create for 20-30 years and only THEN turn around, look back, and see how far you have come. The view will be amazing! IT IS!

  • My feature in WomanScape Magazine

    This month, September 2019, I am featured in WomanScape magazine titled "Catie Barron - Where Art and Science Meet". The article features the story of my own botanical evolution from growing up in a gardening family, discovering my own first cattleya orchid in a pile of bark chips, and how that respect for renewed life influences my art journey! To purchase a copy of the magazine for $10, you can find it at Womanscape.