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My biography and artist statement.

I am an artist canvassing a journey like no other to fulfill the dream I have had since being a child. For me, being an artist is more than just creating artwork. It is about how to see the world, what connections your brain makes to your surroundings and how your eyes interpret that connection.

My artwork depicts light and darkness; in theory and in the literal. In my imagery, I create a story of botanical evolution where it exists in a free space of observation. The result of my work is to breathe light and life into space by embracing movement and saturation of color.

Often I can be found on the sides of roads or wandering people's front yards because something very special has captured my curiosity!

Since a small child, I have been creative and interested in flowers; however it was while studying horticultural science that I uncovered my deeper connection with botany. I discovered I had a physiological connection to flowers while being surrounded by them. This reaction caused me to begin further investigating my human connection to flowers and the effect of flowers in our society. I also discovered an interesting life link to botany and how it defines our journey. I believe our lives are like a tree; the trunk represents our childhood foundations and lessons learned and the branches are our adult journey. It explains why sometimes we must return to the trunk (our foundation) in order to venture into a new direction.

After being diagnosed with cancer, my interest and research of plant adaptation and survival took on new meaning. I returned to my art in order to continue expressing my affection and interest in botany. While receiving my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I primarily focused on expressing my horticultural research findings in my artwork.

I use an interesting technique in my work. While pursuing my degree, I realized that I respond better to focus on light rather than dark shades. Because of this, I begin each piece by encasing the canvas or paper in a dark layer so that I can use my eyes, hands, and tools to wipe away the darkness revealing the imagery I see. This technique allows me to continue recalling the memory of discovering my first cattleya orchid in a pile of dark earth as a child and the excitement it brought to me.

I am happy to announce my studio has moved! The beckoning bright colors and botanicals have drawn me west to Scottsdale, Arizona. We landed in town in early 2016 and are busy establishing our new studio practice here. I am so excited to be in a vibrant location with an equally vibrant art scene.

I am currently a member of the Sonoran Arts League and the Scottsdale Artist League.

My studio hours will vary until I get a schedule in place, but you can always reach me by email HERE or give me a call at 630-707-1829.

Previous to our move to Arizona, I enjoyed a rewarding studio practice most recently at Cedar Avenue Studios in St. Charles, Illinois and prior to that I was in residence at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.

I am looking forward to finding spaces for my artwork to be displayed here. Formerly, my artwork sold and was exhibited from my studio and in various locations throughout the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Some of my previous exhibitions have included the Main Gallery at Water Street Studios, Sullivan Gallery in Chicago, and in the Cedarburg Cultural Center in Wisconsin. Some of my artwork has enjoyed recognition, Denver Iris as well as Phoenix Callas. Phoenix Callas was printed as a street banner in West Chicago. My artwork is collected across the country and can be found in Florida beach homes, desert homes in Arizona, and in New York collected by Paula Faris from ABC News.

My involvement in the arts runs deep; I am currently a member of the Sonoran Arts League as well as the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and Scottsdale Arts. Previously, I often volunteered time promoting the arts in the Chicago area. I have raised monies for worthy causes by creating charity art auctions for events such as the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Ball. I have also created gallery exhibitions in vacant commercial spaces and I am always seeking opportunities for other artists as well. I am currently a member of the St. Charles Arts Council as well as the Chicago Artists Coalition. I am eager to seek out my involvement in Arizona and will update this as soon as I do!

Wishing you success and happiness in your life! Don't forget to stop and see the beauty in everything!