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Oil on Canvas
18" x 36"

A long while ago I was asked to photograph a double blooming Rose of Sharon shrub located in a front yard of a friend. While that request may seem a bit formal, it was made because the shrub was a gift from a mother to a daughter. Years later the mother tragically passed away too soon and what seemed like a nice gesture suddenly took on a much deeper meaning. The daughter made the photograph request because she was selling the home and was sad to be leaving this connection to her mom behind. So, I photographed the shrub and my favorite composition was of these two blooms. You see, the mother had two daughters and while they are of the same flesh and blood, they are also different as sisters usually are. I loved how a single image captured the love from a mother to a daughter and this image, to me, captured the epitome of a mother's love to raise two women both alike and different at the same time.

Recently, my dear friend asked me to recreate that same image into a painting in celebration of her mother's memory. What a honor to revisit this image and this memory of a mom and a daughter and the incredible love they shared.

My favorite part of working with an art collector on a commissioned painting, is the image I get after the piece reaches it's final destination. It's at that point that this process all comes together; with the room and the artwork coming to life! Thank you, Caryn, for this wonderful opportunity to spend some time again with you and your mom. I'm better for it.