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Thirst, a painting done to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, by Catie Barron.
Oil on Canvas
20" x 20"


Thirst sold 5/7/11 for $1500 which was all donated to JDRF! Thank you so much for the generous person who won the auction!!

This painting was created in honor of my courageous nephew, Sean. It has been donated to aid in raising funds and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Colorado.

My family was on a dream vacation to Disney World when we noticed that our young nephew Sean was excessively thirsty. Being warm and humid we naturally thought it was because of the weather conditions. However, we would later discover, after he returned home, he had become diabetic. There is a term for what Sean experienced during our vacation. It's call polydipsic and it is a symptom that affects many before they are diagnosed. Therefore since this painting is done in honor of him, I thought to call it Thirst because it was what we first noticed about him.